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Easy Steps For
Clinic Owners & Doctors

  • Visit our website
  • Go to "Sign In" if you already have an account or click "Create Account" for a new one.
  • Provide the required information such as your name, email address, and any contact details as requested.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the profile creation process.
  • Focus on Patient care, Not Challenges

    YoDr significantly improves the efficiency & productivity of clinic operation and management, so that Doctors or Clinic owners can focus more on patient care.

    Efficient Patient Management

    Streamline appointment scheduling, patient registration, queue management through waiting hall display screen and auto patient calling.

    Digital Prescription

    Doctors can create and transmit prescriptions electronically to reduce the risk of errors, and enhances collaboration among medical staff.

    Electronic Health Records (EHR)

    Doctors can quickly retrieve patient histories, lab results, prescriptions, and other relevant information from centralised medical records.

    Time and Cost Savings

    Cloud based Application helps to automate administrative tasks, reduce paperwork, improve efficiency & optimizes resource utilization.

    Empowering Clinics With Effortless Financial Solutions

    YoDr, ease of doing Business, helps to reduce administrative costs by automating various financial processes, streamlines administrative tasks, enhance communication, and provide valuable insights for better decision-making.

    Billing Management

    Streamlined billing, manage financial transactions and track payments.


    Analytical data-driven decision, identify improvement areas and optimize resource allocation.

    Inventory Management

    Inventory management, tracking and maintain optimal stock levels.

    Data Security

    Compliance and data security through encryption, and audit trails.

    Pricing Plan




    ₹ 3999+GST(18%) / annually

    What’s included
    • User Role Management
    • Lab Management
    • Patient Registration
    • Lab Test Sample Collection
    • Lab Test Report
    • Billing Management
    • Reports




    ₹ 0 / annually

    What’s included
    • Clinic Management
    • Doctor's Management
    • Daily Appointment Schedule
    • Patient Booking
    • Consultation Status
    • Live Consultation Screen
    • Billing Management
    • Daily Report



    ₹ 3999+GST(18%) / annually

    What’s included
    • Supplier Management
    • Stock Purchase Entry
    • Stock Management
    • Counter Sell
    • Billing Management
    • Reports
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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is your service about?

    Our service is a comprehensive healthcare platform facilitating easy and efficient appointment scheduling with qualified doctors.

    Booking an appointment is easy! Simply log in, choose your preferred doctor, select a convenient time, and confirm your booking.

    Yes, we prioritize data security. Your personal information is encrypted and stored securely, adhering to strict privacy standards.

    Certainly! You can reschedule or cancel appointments through your user dashboard or mobile application, providing flexibility for your convenience.

    Yes, you can view patient reviews and ratings for each doctor, helping you make informed decisions about your healthcare.

    Reach out to our customer support team through the contact details provided on the platform or visit the support section for assistance.

    Absolutely! Our platform is designed to be mobile-friendly, allowing you to book and manage appointments on the go.

    John Doe

    What Our Client Says

    "Excellent Service, Good quality updated and high speed software. Highly recommended. Thanks Bikram and Team."

    Dr. Alok Kumar Mantri Bhubaneswar